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Make your own Green Screen

Make your own green screen for videos. Instructions on this link.

The link below shows you how to make an inexpensive green screen. It can be small if needed for creating stop-motion videos with lego or other small items/characters.

Hour of Code: Interactive Christmas holiday card

Create a holiday card using Scratch.

Check out the following link.
If you and/or your class make a card, please take a screenshot and post down below. I would love to see them. I will post mine when I am done mine!

This is the one on their website.

Google Doodles

Do you like the Google Doodles that appear to celebrate someone's life, a holiday, and invention, book or cartoon or tv show?

You can learn how to make your own.

This page shows you how to create your own using Scratch. This is part of the Hour of Code this year!

If you or your class design one, I would love to see them below or on my facebook page.

Below are a few of my favourites.

Hour of Code with Minecraft 2017

"Bring your code to life in the real game!

"Watch the code you wrote [in the hour of code tutorial game] come to life by uploading it into Minecraft: Education Edition or Minecraft for Windows 10! 

"You can now run the code you wrote in Minecraft!"

Find out how and more at:

Minecraft Skins
Scroll down to find a link to download your own Steve or Alex skins just for Hour of Code! Shown in picture.

LEGO Building Instructions

Have you lost the instruction to make a LEGO item but the item has been broken or completely taken apart? LEGO has on their website a way for you to download.

Go to

Fill in the following from this page.

Type in the item number or type in a description.
Click on the magnifying glass on the right to start the search.

I typed in Minecraft Ender Dragon.
It could not find that so I typed in Minecraft and it listed all the kits with Minecraft.
Found what I wanted.

This window appears.
I confirmed it was the item I wanted.

Click on Download PDF in the bottom right-hand corner.

It opened in Adobe Reader. I can now save the pdf document to my computer. 

LEGO Monthly Mini Build Challenges

On their website, LEGO has a monthly challenge. An item to create.

You don't have to buy a kit. Make from items you already have.

November 2017
Mini Build

HTML coding

You already have everything you need for the students to make their own webpages in your #MakerSpace.

Note: There are many programs out there that will do this for you now but once and awhile it doesn't lay out the page you want. Knowing HTML coding helps. This is important before learning Javascript.

You need:
  • a computer
  • a web browser [Chrome, Firefox,...]
  • NotePad [free with Windows]
To create web pages, follow the steps below.
  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Type in the HTML code
  3. Save the file with an html extension. The default is txt. Don't use that. It has to end in "html" for the web browser to open it.
  4. Remember where you saved the file.
  5. Open the web browser. Google Chrome, FireFox....
  6. Hold down the CTRL key and press O [ CTRL/O] for Open file. 
  7. Find the HTML file saved on the computer or USB drive. 
  8. The student can now view their webpage. 
  9. Go back to NotePad to make changes to the webpage. 
  10. Switch back to the web browser. 
  11. Hit Refresh in the web browser and the webpage is automatically updated to the changes just made in NotePad. 
  12. Continue until they like their webpage.
Because of the typing involved this is for Middle School and High School ages.

Website resources on HTML
Learn HTML coding