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Coding: Pixel graph color coding

Part of programming is colours. To identify where colour is placed we use grids.

I have created a page to explain to your class the grid and how to identify each square
Color by Pixel instructions

This website has a great pdf document to use for coding. It is from Hour of Code.

Another good sheet with ideas and examples

A to Z Blog Challenge 2017

This year I did the A to Z Blog Challenge on my genealogical blog

 My theme for the month-long challenge was How To Use Google Drive to help you in your genealogical and family history. This included among other items, storing and sharing files with family.

The index for the month is at How To Use Google Drive from A to Z

One of my tweets on Canada Learning Code #CLC150 website!

One of my many tweets about the classes I volunteered at was placed on the #CLC150 @CanLearningCode website!!!  :)  [Bottom right dark red box]

I actually did 4 more classrooms the second week. I had so much fun. 

Coding ~ Camel Case instructions

Below is a pdf document on how to teach CamelCase.
Page one is the explanation.

Page 2 and 3 are to be cut so that each student gets one camel each.
Each student should write their name in CamelCase under one camel.

There are two sizes. The third page is for younger students. Each camel gives the student more room to write their name than page two.


Coding: Minecraft ~ Place in order

Part of learning how to "code" is order. The code must be written in the right order or the program will not work.

I created two PowerPoints which can be used to practice ordering.
They are both made from screen shots in Minecraft.
The first one I expand a village house.
The second one I build a library in the same village.

The students need to rearrange the slides into the proper order showing the building expanding or the building being made.

Click on the titles below. The files are in Google Drive and are now Google Slide file. They are in view mode. You must copy them onto the students' machines so the original is left in tack for others.

Expand Village House

Make a library

For: Grades 2-4

Canada Learning Code volunteer

This is part of what I received for volunteering for Canada Learning Code week.

I love the name tag!

Also received books to share to students on the internet and a hardcopy of the teacher's guide.

Google Doodle: Antikythera mechanism

Today is the 115th anniversary of the discovery of the Antikythera mechanism.

The second oldest computer - Abacus being the oldest known computer.

Wikipedia page on Antikythera mechanism

Although, some say our hands are the oldest computer!